The Early Days

Mrs. Annie L. Ware-Burks, a hard-working mother of three, two sons and one daughter often told her daughter she was her best friend. Of course, Joyce would soon find this was indeed true. Soon her family would be relocated from the heart of a high crime area in the city of Chicago to a home in a middle-class neighborhood. This move would set the stage for the clandestine meeting of her soon to become beloved. 

Choosing to transfer to a high school out of her district soon would prove to spiral her life into a new direction. There she would meet the man that would become her husband and the father of her children, Gregory Wells. To this union was born four children; Gregory Jr., Jeanette, Geoffrey and finally Jeremy. Children are a heritage from the Lord and soon eleven beautiful grandchildren were added to this very blessed family; Chaun, Aaron, Alayna, Justyn, Alyssa, Mykal, Gregory Richard, Nichol Ann, Aliyah, Caylee and Carmen and five great grandchildren; Romeo, Kayden, Jayden, Zane and Royalty.

Sown early in her heart was a deep love for her children and a desire to establish a strong and supportive family unit. This need would only be met when the Christ like void in her heart would be filled. Baptized and filled with Holy Spirit at Morgan Park Assembly; in Chicago, Illinois propelled her into a life of faith and sacrifice. First Lady Wells’ says, “Jesus became my everything”. Replacing crutches that “the world” often uses to trap and kill young people. I’m so glad that the Lord saved me!   It is true if it had not been for Jesus I truly don’t know where I’d be”.

The Ministry

After Gregory Wells surrendered to the will of God, the Lord began to reveal their destiny. Empowering both to become “
His” spokesmen to a dying world. First Lady Wells would learn the real meaning of faith and sacrifice as she stood steadfast in the support of her husband’s commission to do the work of the LORD. Soon she found herself busy serving the Lord and His people; as taxi and van driver, painter, and janitor. Of these years Sister Wells reminds many, “by this (LOVE) will men know that you are a disciple of Christ when you have love one to another.  

Climbing the road of service, she has shifted her role in ministry at sundry times. Sunday School teacher, Counselor, Altar Worker, Secretary, Women’s Ministry, Minister & Deacon’s Wives Presidents, all her banner. Working diligently as only a pastor’s wife can or would do. Scars and wounds for service have created a well-equipped solider for our God’s service. She continues to serve the LORD, and O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly as teacher, administrator, and director of the O’Fallon Childcare
and Learning Center, and the Reading Is Fundamental Program Coordinator, as well as the Minister of Excellence.

Her accolades are many, but her spirit remains humble. To her we say, “God will surely not forget your labor of love”.