Have You Received the Vision?

   Praise the Lord to the Saints and Friends of O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly. What a blessing it is to greet you in that matchless name of Jesus.

   Well, we’re almost there. The Annual Visions Conference is virtually around the corner. Starting Wednesday, June 5th and continuing to Sunday, June 9th (with no service on Saturday), O.A.A. will be celebrating the 20th Annual Visions Conference. This year’s theme is The Visions of the Midwives. I have been preaching from the sub themes for the last few months in an effort to share the insights that the Lord has given me concerning this theme. I truly believe that the Lord has given a bold message to be shared by bold people with the Church of the Last Days.

   This message of deliverance, salvation and redemption that our Father has given, specifically calls to mind that everyone in the Body of Christ is important. In the ancient Hebrew culture, women did not share equal status with men. Consequently, they were often looked down upon and marginalized. But the Lord has taught us that in Him, there is neither male or female; all are important and needful to the Body of Christ. Then and now, the people of God would have been lost had it not been for the “vision of the midwives.” Now we need Saints like those ancient champions who will defy the order of men because they too, “fear the Lord.” We need women, men, girls and boys of all ages who will seize the opportunity to let Satan know that his plan will not work.

   O’Fallon, this all starts with us being faithful in sharing this message. We must share it personally with those we know and we must share it corporately. Corporately, by supporting our church in carrying the message forward. How? By supporting the effort with our money and our energy. Have you paid your conference pledge? Have you looked into working to help get our building ready to host this great meeting? Have you asked “What can I do to help?” Saints, be assured that God expects great things out of us as He has commissioned this great message unto us. But we can only be successful as we labor together. Our church has a great history concerning the impact of the Visions Conference. Many souls have been blessed, helped and strengthened by the messages that God has given to O’Fallon Apostolic. Let’s not let the Lord down. Let’s not let our brothers and sisters down. Let’s not let the word go down. Get the message from the Lord and run with it. Get the Vision of the Midwives and work with all those that fear the Lord!


Bishop Wells