May 2017

   Greetings and Praise the Lord to all of the precious saints and friends of O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly and those who join us online.
   I am profoundly grateful that the Lord has allowed us another opportunity to meet each other by way of the church bulletin or the church’s website. As many of you know, next month, our church will be celebrating its eighteenth annual Church “Visions” Conference.
   This year the theme is “Visions of the Risen Army”. I am told that there is a technique in psychological work called “positive visualization”. It has to do with seeing some as yet unfulfilled experience or scenario in a positive way as though it had already happened. To this extended church family, I submit that we should engage in the same practice but with a spiritual twist. What we are called to envision is not just some better “physical” scenario, which plays out just to gratify our flesh. But I am calling us to recognize what our God has already promised. He has promised that we will (those who have died in Him) be raised from the dead. In less time than we can calculate, the living of our number will be “translated” (changed from one form into another). In either case, we will be manifested as the legions of Jesus Christ, raised first from sin and then from death, all to do the will of Him that has sent us. What a thrilling prospect to first be freed from sin and then freed from death. First to be raised from the grave then to positioned in Heaven itself to return with Jesus as He establishes His kingdom (Revelation 17:14; 19:14).
   I sincerely believe that our Lord has positioned this church to share the relevance of this revelation to the saved as well as to the unsaved. But to do this O’Fallon, we must be the first partakers. We must be the ones who are completely sold out to Christ. We must be totally devoted to the Eternal Soldiers, the Risen Warriors that He has called us to be. Let us then, down to the individual purpose that “I will do whatever it takes, to be worthy of Him who has called me to this “Risen Army”. I’m ready for the “Vision” what about you?


Bishop Wells.