We wish you Grace and Peace from our Lord and Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ. I trust that you have lived out the month of February in victory and joy. We are now looking forward to growing and doing more in the month of March for the glory of our God.
    Before I get too involved, please allow me to wish a happy birthday to The Lady of the House, First Lady Joyce Ann Wells. I pray that each birthday sees you enjoying your life more and more unto the coming of the Lord.
   What is on my heart today is to encourage the family in our corporate identity. I am so pleased that the Lord is helping O.A.A. to grow in the realization of God’s presence in us as a body. I see us working and wanting to work more and more to sharing of kingdom interests. We enjoyed a great outreach effort in our Book Bag Give-A-Way last August. Also, the sharing of food baskets for the Thanksgiving season was so successful. Then on the home front, the Saints kept pulling together until the ramp project under Project Shalom was completed successfully.
    This is significant because it seems that all too many Christians today have redefined their religious concept to be only about God and themselves personally. This has become so prevalent that there is now the idea that the church is irrelevant. Some have decided that they don’t need the church in order to have a relationship with God. Many have been wounded in church and many others know of someone who has been injured in church. In many lives “church hurt” is real. But does “church hurt” justify abandoning the church? Or for that matter, does “church hurt” justify forsaking the church in which one may have been planted? The scripture in Ephesians 4:4 says, There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling. That one body of which Paul wrote, is the ONE true Church. It is the collective of God’s holy people. This ONE body is empowered, motivated and directed by the Holy Spirit of God to the end, which is to usher us all into the ONE HOPE of God’s divine calling. What is it that God has in mind for His Church but to fulfill His will in the earth, and at the appointed time, to be caught up to meet Him in the Rapture of the Church? So then the ONE is not me and it’s not you, it’s the church, the ONE in which His power and presence resides. His will today is that we all will come together and think and act as the ONE BODY. When we do, we will experience the overwhelming power of the one.
Bishop Gregory Wells, Sr., D.D.
Founding Pastor, O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly