Thirty-Seven Years and Counting

   Grace and peace from God our Father is my heart’s desire to each of you, our family and friends of the O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly.

   It is always a joyous blessing to commune with you by way of our church’s bulletin or web site.  I am especially happy to
speak to you today regarding our upcoming Pastoral Anniversary. 
   For the last thirty seven years, Lady Wells and I have had the privilege of serving our Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom in the Pastoral Ministry.  We began our pastoral career in 1982, by pastoring in the city of Carbondale, Illinois, in the House of Prayer Apostolic Church.  For five years we commuted first from our home in Chicago (from January to June), then from O’Fallon to
Carbondale.  I preached, Sister Wells and I both taught, we led by example, and most of all we loved God and His people.
   Then in 1987, by divine direction, we founded the O’Fallon Christian Church of the Apostolic Faith.  In His grace, our Lord
moved upon the hearts of Deacon and Sister Sidney Byas and Elder and Sister Elton Allen and their families to move from Carbondale and join us in establishing this church for God’s glory.
   As in life in general, there have been some moments of incredible excitement and jubilation.  But there must also be times
of great trial, discouragement and challenge. Through all of those seasons, I praise God for the support of my family, especially my wife, the gracious and lovely Lady Joyce Wells, who has been my constant companion in this labor of love.  She is often the hero behind the scenes who has encouraged me in times of trouble and contributed to its growth in times of progress.  Additionally, I commend my natural children who have contributed to our church’s growth and stability through the sacrifice of their time with their parents.  It is impossible to overstate the contributions of my son, the late Elder Jeremy Wells, and my daughter, Jeanette Wells, to our church. We have through the years had the services and support of such wonderful members of our church, some of whom have gone home to be with Jesus.  These great saints are too numerous to name, but without them this great church, now called the O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly, would have expired, as have so many others, long before now.  I would not have been a “shepherd” had God not supplied such wonderful “sheep” to His pasture here in O’Fallon.
   There are too many precious memories to enumerate here but I would be woefully remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude to our Father for having joined us to such wonderful saints who continue to support their church and believe in their pastor and first lady For thirty-seven years, our God has supplied all of our needs and loaded us with many, many blessings.  
Thank you, O’Fallon, for all that you do to make my life’s work so meaningful.

Bishop Gregory Wells, Sr., D.D.
Founding Pastor, O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly